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Photo by K-9 Country Club Staff

Not all those who wander are lost.


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Our Vision and Mission

We believe that all dogs deserve to live happy, healthy lives!  We also believe that rescue dogs and the people who raise them can form powerful, loving bonds, which can lead to years of joy and enhanced life purpose.

To that end, Dog Tales offers informative articles about adopting and raising dogs on an array of topics.  We hope to encourage, guide, offer tips, and sometimes amuse those who are planning to adopt or who already have dogs.

We are also dedicated to supporting and enhancing the joy of those kind souls who provide caring homes.   

All Dogs are Rescues

In our opinion, all dogs are “rescues”.  Most dogs do not do well in our world without helpful human intervention. Whether they are strays on the streets, living at shelters, rescued from dire situations, or for sale from breeders or pet stores, they need us!

Dogs depend upon human kindness and generosity to get most of their needs met. We control just about every aspect of their lives including what they will eat,  where they can go, where they will live and sleep, and even when and where they can go potty!

The Rescue Dogs Who Saved Me

I rescued these two sisters below who had been surrendered to a shelter. I thought I was helping them, but I had no idea how much joy and love they would bring me. They make me laugh and cry and truly appreciate life in the moment. Read more in “About Us”.

Charlotte and Georgia
Charlotte and Georgia: My Salt and Pepper Duo

Enjoy Your Life Together!

Whether or not you are a dog owner, or thinking about adopting, we hope you will find these posts useful. We also ask that you join us in advocating for dogs everywhere. They deserve our love and support!