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Many years ago, buying a dog bed seemed easier than today. Now, we have so many varieties of dog beds it can make your head spin! When I raised Beagles in the 1980s, I bought wicker baskets and very cushy cushions with decorative printed covers. For the life of me, I could not find that same type of bed after I recently adopted my two, 6-year-old, medium-sized dogs.

So, I searched and searched. The wicker baskets and colorful cushions I had in the past, looked great. But they may not have been the best for my dogs. Depending on the size and type of dog you have, find a bed that really fits your dog’s needs. Older dogs may need a more orthopedic-type bed. Large dogs often need a large, flatter bed to stretch out on. Smaller and medium-sized dogs prefer a cozy bed to curl up into. Smaller dogs also may need more of a safe, den-type bed where they feel safe. Some dogs actually prefer crates as a safe hideaway at night, but other dogs may feel too confined in crates.

Bolster Beds

Newly adopted rescue dogs, Charlotte and Georgia in their new bolster bed, an essential item in equipment you will need before you adopt your dog. an essential item in equipment you will need before you adopt your dog.
Brown Circle Bolster Dog Beds

My dogs love these simple, cushy, bolster beds from Amazon. I bought one for each of them, so they could curl up together or just stretch out. These beds have a removable cover which you can machine wash. These beds are reasonably priced and last a long time. My dogs love to rest their chins on the outside bolster. After two years, these beds have held up very well. I keep an extra one in my office, tucked under my desk, and that is their favorite “go to” place when I am working from home.

If you have a larger dog who likes to stretch out more be sure to also check out the Furhaven rectangular bolster beds at Amazon. They also have removable covers and a choice of memory or orthopedic foam. Since my dogs are getting older, I plan to upgrade to this bed with orthopedic foam in the future.

Day Beds

Dog supplies and accessories--my mixed breed tan and black colored dogs lying on their day bed under the stairwell.
Day Beds — Harry Potter Under the Stairwell Beds

These Harmony Blue Striped Lounger Dog Beds from Petco were the first beds that I bought and they were a big hit! They can be turned over in the winter for a fluffy, sheep wool-like warmer side. The covers are machine washable and they fluff up really well without losing their shape. My dogs love these during the day when I am sitting on the sofa. They can see through the slider into the backyard and also keep an eye on everything and everyone in the living room. They are a little bit expensive, but really worth it. Initially, I only bought one as the 40″ x 30″ large size was plenty big enough for two. But I discovered that they got into arguments over who was going to use the day bed, so I bought a second one–problem solved!

You can compare these to the Furhaven Ultra Plush Loungers at Amazon. They have a headrest on either side and an orthopedic mattress. They too have removable, washable covers. I think they look a little classier and will probably get two of these if my Harmony beds wear out. Again, these may be ideal for my dogs as they get older.

Outdoor Beds

Outdoor Dog Cots

At first, when I bought these beds, the dogs avoided them for some reason. But, eventually, they discovered that these cots were much better to lie on than the cold, damp concrete in the late winter and fall. And now they love them. As soon as I put them outside, they jump on them and comfortably watch everything going on in their backyard.

See these K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Cot Elevated Dog Beds at Amazon. They are very sturdy and hold up to 200 pounds. The medium size measures 32″ x 25″ x 7″ and has a steel frame and mesh middle section for breathability on warm days. They are great for camping or as outside furniture in the backyard. Since I don’t have grass and much of my yard has a concrete patio, these are great pieces of elevated furniture for my dogs. I love that these cots can be easily cleaned and are easy to assemble. They work well for all-size dogs including larger dogs like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. The cots are also lightweight and great to take on camping trips.

Other Suggestions

Try to focus more on what your dog seems to prefer rather than what looks the best. Steer away from the more decorative dog furniture options such as a dog sofa or chair. They look clever, but may not be that comfortable. After some trial and error, I found what worked best for my medium-sized dogs.

Be sure to see my post, How Many Beds Should a Dog Have to get some more insights. You can also read about my amusing first few nights in The Argument–Sleeping in the Doggie Bed or Mom’s Bed.

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