8 Great Luxury Gift Ideas that You and Your Dog Will Love !

Sweet lab puppy sleeping on wrapped gift

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My Working Wishlist

(Check back later as I will add items and update periodically)

For me, adopting two rescue dogs was a lifelong commitment, not only for their safety and well-being but for their joy and happiness. Shortly after I adopted them and they had settled in, I started to search for luxury dog gifts. I wanted to help fill their days with fun and excitement as much as possible. Be sure to see my post, Do You Buy Luxury Gifts for Your Dogs? You Are Not Alone!

Once all of the essential equipment, basic toys, and beds were taken care of, I began to focus on luxury dog gifts. After all, I wanted them to have the best life possible. And, I have to admit, some of these gifts were good for me too!

After considerable research, I developed the following list of really special gifts for my sweet rescue dogs. Some of them I have already purchased. Others are on the list and will be purchased as funds allow. However, I am a bit of a softy each time the holidays roll around. One look into those loving set of eyes telling me to play with them or give them a new, tasty treat usually ends up with me whipping out a credit card! My pooches are so spoiled but so worth it!

1. Best Friends Dog Beds by Sheri — A Nice Addition to Bolster Beds

Bolster Beds

My dogs loved their basic bolster beds. They were round, soft, and secure. I initially bought two beds–one for each. But they always ended up sleeping together in one bed. I placed one of the bolster beds in my office under the desk since they were always curled up there when I worked.

When the bolster bed in our bedroom finally lost its fluff after almost 3 years and a lot of washings, I considered getting something different. My dogs always start out in their little bed together, but at some point jump onto my bed and we all snuggle together. I loved these bolster beds. They were great for summer and during the day. But I felt that my dogs might need an additional bed during the winter.

Both dogs seemed fine lying on top of the comforter. But on cold winter nights, I began to feel guilty. I was warm and comfy under my layers, but they were lying on top, perhaps a bit cold. I tried throwing doggie blankets on top of them, but they moved around too much and the blankets ended up on the floor.

Best Friends by Sheri Dog Beds

Then I discovered this wonderful Best Friends dog bed created by Sheri and purchased a large-sized bed. I love it! It is deep, cushy with a shag-like cover mimicking fur. Here are the key features that I really appreciate:

  • Cozy and calming
  • Shaggy, fur cover similar to a mother’s coat
  • Comfy with lots of stuffing
  • Provides support for a dog’s head
  • Durable and made well
  • Created specifically for rescue dogs
  • Nontoxic materials
  • Small beds can be machine washed
  • Larger beds have a removable cover for washing
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Featured in Forbes, Good Housekeeping, the Hallmark Channel, Martha Stewart, American Kennel Club website, the Today Show
  • Comes in several different sizes and colors– see the Amazon link below.
Brown and black dog in their new Sheri bed
Charlotte and Georgia love their new
Best Friends by Sheri Calming Bed

My dogs both love it! For the first time in months, my tan dog Charlotte has slept in her own bed throughout the night for the past week! And she is the more cattle dog one of my pug/cattle dog siblings! Go figure!

2. Personalized 3 Bowl Feeder– The Most Decadent Luxury Dog Gift!

My two mixed breed rescue dogs munching happily on their Fromm's Kibbles from Amazon stainless steel bowls. Love the dog food and bowls!
Basic bowls.

Currently, my dogs eat from stainless steel bowls placed on the floor While this is okay for now, as they get older they will need to have their bowls raised. Additionally, I like the idea of a more compact feeding space. And this 3 bowl feeder looks great!

What I really like the most about the Personalized 3 Bowl Dog Feeder is that it has two bowls for food and one for water. (I have two dogs.) Additionally, it is raised which is better for your dog’s posture and digestion. And it keeps everything together neatly in one place. The bowls are stainless steel and can be safely washed in the dishwasher. There is even storage inside the stand. And how cute to have my dog’s names Charlotte and Georgia carved on the side!

3. Furbo Dog Camera Monitor with Treat Tosser

How cool is this! This is the ultimate luxury dog gift! With Furbo, you can monitor your dog’s activity with an HD camera while not at home! And, you can trigger Furbo to toss him treats to keep him happy!

Key features I like:

  • It can be used with an iOS or Android phone
  • The 1080p Full HD Camera also has night vision
  • You can stream live video of your dog’s movements to your phone
  • Furbo will toss treats to your dog which you can trigger from your phone
  • You can talk to Fido from your phone
  • It has bark alerts
  • Furbo is reasonably priced (in my opinion)
  • It is the number one bestseller according to Amazon

PC Magazine has done a full review of 41 Home Monitoring systems and they give Furbo a 4.00 Excellent rating. They add that it works well with Alexa.

When I am away from my two pooches for several hours, I worry that they are bored or barking too much. So, this is a purchase I hope to make in the near future.

4. Outdoor Dog Beds

I have just about every bed my dogs need by now, especially since I added an outdoor day bed. I spend some time researching outdoor beds to find just the right type of bed for my two mutts. They love to sit outside with me, but most of my small backyard is a patio and not very welcoming to sit on.

I found a couple of cot-type beds I liked. I ended up buying K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Cot Elevated Dog Beds at Amazon. Because my patio can very hot, these seemed like the best option. They are very sturdy and hold up to 200 pounds. The medium size measures 32″ x 25″ x 7″ and has a steel frame and mesh middle section for breathability on warm days. They are great for camping or as outside furniture in the backyard.

I love that these cots can be easily cleaned and are easy to assemble. They work well for all-size dogs including larger dogs like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. The cots are also lightweight and great to take on camping trips.

Tan and black dog in their new backyardenjoying their yard on outdoor cots.
My dogs relaxing in the garden.

5. Car Seat Dog Hammock Added to Cargo Guard for Travel

Travall Guard for Kia Soul

When I first took my dogs for a ride I placed them in the cargo area of my Kia Soul. I found a great divider to keep them from crawling into the passenger part of the car, Travall Guard Compatible with KIA Soul. However, I worried about them getting too hot as well as what would happen if I got rear-ended.

Charlotte and Georgia safely seated in cargo area of Kia Soul with safety grid in place
Ready to go to the beach!

Backseat Hammock

So, I upgraded my system to let them ride in the back seat. They seem happier being closer to me. But I had to find a way to keep them from being tossed around and falling on the floor. I also had to keep them from coming up to the driver’s seat.

I discovered the  Bulldogology Hammock Car Seat Cover which has been great to keep them safely in the back seat. It protects the seat and keeps them from falling on the floor when I stop quickly. The cover is padded and waterproof. I sometimes put an extra cushion on top of it, but they really don’t need it.

The only con about this brand is that it does not have flaps for protecting the doors. So, I also had to buy a couple of protectors for the side doors to keep them from scratching up the finish. To keep my dogs from jumping over the console into the front, I purchased a simple Kooltail Dog Barrier. It was not very expensive and it was easy to hang from the headrest posts on the front seats and secure to the bottom posts.

The only negative thing about letting them ride in the back seat is that they get a lot more dog hair all over the passenger part of the car and smear up the side windows. But they do seem a lot happier in the backseat, and I think they are safer there than in the cargo area. And, it is nice to have a couple of options. See my post about Your Dog’s First Car Ride for more information about my experience.

6. Tennis Ball Thrower

The All for Paws Interactive Dog Ball Launcher will probably be my next purchase. My dogs really get antsy if they don’t get enough exercise. I take them for daily walks and toss the ball around for them in the evening, but they still seem to need more playtime,

What I love about this launcher, which has good reviews, is that it uses small tennis balls. My dogs love tennis balls! I also like that it is simple. The dog learns to drop the ball into the top of the launcher, and after a short delay, the ball launches. It runs on batteries or using an ac adaptor.

The distance can be adjusted and it works well for both outdoors and indoors on rainy days. The biggest con seems to be with launching problems if the tennis balls get too soggy.

7. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy Brown Mutt Lifestyle Comfort Sleep Aid Dog Toy Original Help
Image from SmartPetLove

As far as a luxury dog gift goes, this is probably one of the sweetest. Each kit contains An Original Snuggle Puppy, 3 Heat Packs, Snuggle Blanket, Puppy Teething Aid, and Puppy’s 1st Toy. The toy is a soft teething chew and also 3 small rope toys for chewing and playing tug-of-war. The fleece blanket is soft and inviting. All materials have been tested extensively to ensure materials are safe and non-toxic for both dogs and humans.

The SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy has been around since 1997. It produces a sound and feel of a pulsing heartbeat using a battery-operated synthetic heart that gets placed inside the puppy. It is soft and furry. And warmed heat pads can also be placed inside. It will remind your puppy or rescue dog of being with her mother.

Even though the Snuggle Puppy was developed primarily for new puppies, it can be a great gift for an older dog as well, especially a rescue dog. A really great post on firsttimedogmom.com addresses how the Snuggle Puppy can help older dogs with travel, separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, grief over the loss of another dog or family member, and adjusting to a new home or family member.

As long as your dog is not a super aggressive chewer, the Snuggle Puppy can probably bring him a lot of comforts and reduce his anxiety as he transitions into his new home. If your dog does chew a lot, you may need to remove the heart and battery. He could still enjoy the snuggling without the heartbeat. Likewise, keep a close watch on him with the chewing and rope toys.

8. Aquapaw Pro Dog Bath Brush

This an Amazon Choice product with great reviews. My dogs hate getting baths and I cannot always afford to take them to the groomer. I take both dogs to the groomer about four times a year. The groomers de-shed them, trim their nails, and give them a really good scrubbing!

In between, I either hose them off on hot days in the backyard or stick them in the tub in the winter. I try to bathe them at least once a month. See my article How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog? for more info about this.

But my dogs hate to get into a bathtub full of water! Both dogs dislike showers as well, but it is less challenging. So, I would love to have an easy shower tool. The last time I tried to bathe one of my dogs who is 34 pounds, I absolutely could not get her into the tub. She fought me tooth and nail! So I gave up and took her to the groomer.

The AquaPaw Pro Dog Bath Brush, seems like a kinder, gentler option. The dogs love the gentle brushing/scrubbing with the pliable hard rubber brush. It feels good to them. You can adjust the water flow from robust to gentle which will not seem as scary to them.

And if you also purchase the treat dispenser, you can keep them occupied and happy during their shower. This treat dispenser will mount to the tile wall with suction cups and can be filled with spray cheese or peanut butter. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean up. It will keep your dog engaged and reduce anxiety.

The AquaPaw Pro is easy to attach to your shower head connector. It comes with an adaptor for indoor showers as well as garden hoses. This one is also high on my punch list!

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