Why You May Want to Adopt a Pit Bull

Pitbull outdoors listening to loud noise waiting to be adopted.

There are many reasons why you should consider adopting a Pit Bull. But first of all, let’s debunk the myth that Pit Bulls are naturally dangerous, vicious dogs. They are not! In fact, just the opposite. Pit Bulls are actually very loyal dogs who want nothing more than to please their owner and give him kisses.

The problem is with people, not Pit Bulls. Due to their stocky, athletic build, unscrupulous and uncaring owners have trained these unfortunate pups to be guard or attack dogs. And, the most abusive practice has been to force these dogs to fight other dogs in sports dog rings. Fortunately, the United States and many countries have banned these dog fighting rings. Even though they have gone underground, more and more are being exposed. While this is good news, many Pit Bulls end up in shelters and need a loving home.

You should consider adopting a Pit Bull to save his life and also bring home a naturally loving, loyal, gentle, and playful dog!

Why Pit Bulls Can Be Great Pets

Interestingly, Pit Bulls are actually the result of the crossbreeding of six different breeds of dogs. The two primary breeds are Bulldogs and Terriers. As a result, they are generally much healthier than a lot of purebred dogs and tend to have a mellow and often gentle disposition.

But as with many dogs who have been exploited by humans, Pit Bulls have been given a bad rap as aggressive dogs through no fault of their own. These loving pups have sometimes been taught to fight and be aggressive. Yet this is actually very much against their nature.

Here is a list of the many wonderful qualities of Pit Bulls:

  • Pitbulls are protective and loyal
  • Good with children
  • Love to cuddle and be close to you
  • Strong and athletic
  • Good at sports and agility training
  • Very intelligent and easily trainable
  • Healthy with a life span of 12-16 years
  • Fun to play with
  • Short hair, easy to groom
  • Medium-sized dogs who don’t take up a lot of space
  • Low-maintenance, easy-going dogs
  • Very social and love to be around people


Unfortunately, most shelters have way too many Pit Bulls. In fact, they are one of the most common dogs found in shelters. This is due to being abandoned by uncaring or abusive owners as well as overbreeding by unscrupulous puppy mill breeders

They are often overlooked because people just assume they are aggressive. While some of these abandoned dogs may need to be rehabilitated prior to adoption, Pit Bulls are very smart and can be re-trained with a little bit of effort. Once they have been reassured that they will be treated well and no longer have to protect themselves, they can bounce back and eagerly fit in with your family.

Because of their terrier DNA, they have a high prey instinct, which means they will need some exercise each day. Otherwise, they may become destructive and chew up your carpet or a pillow. But a fast-paced morning walk will usually solve that problem. Because they are so highly intelligent they can be stubborn at times, but training can help with this. All in all, there are actually very few negative traits about these sweet, beautiful dogs. Be sure to read more about Pit Bulls in my post, Are Pit Bulls Safe to Own?

Where to Adopt

I have listed some reputable rescue groups that I have researched or become familiar with. But I also urge you to check with your local shelter, as they may have the type of dog you are looking for. And, you may save a dog’s life. Some shelters have a “kill” policy after long stays or when their facility reaches capacity.

You may also be surprised who you fall in love with or feel drawn toward the most when you visit a shelter. Be sure to see my post Everything You Need to Know About Adopting a Rescue Dog for a comprehensive guide.

My links to organizations are just a sampling. There are many additional organizations that you may also want to work with. Make sure they are a reputable organization registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. You can check their status on Guidestar.org which often includes 3 years of tax returns.

One additional note, you should steer away from private groups, especially those online, since they may be puppy mills in disguise. Also, buying a dog from a pet store probably saves that dog’s life. But just know that pet stores usually get their dogs from puppy mills. So, in the long run, don’t support retailers who sell dogs by buying their products.

Two very reputable online services include Petfinders.com and AKC Rescue Network. They can help you find breed-specific dogs of various ages, including puppies and seniors.

Badrap Pit Bull Rescue

Although this organization does only a small amount of rescue, I like them because they do a huge amount of education to raise awareness and provide support and consultation for shelters and dog owners around the country. They provide support for underserved neighborhoods to help owners raise and keep their Pitbulls during times of personal crisis.

On their 1/2 acre property, they can rescue up to six dogs at a time and house them in their Rescue Barn, a home-like structure. Here they can decompress, heal, and learn to trust and love again. When ready, they are adopted out to a caring family.

Based in Oakland, CA, and founded in 2005, this award-winning nonprofit has a Gold Star rating with Guidestar.


The Dogs Light the Way

BADRAP was formed in 1999 to tackle the difficult issues that had been bringing suffering and early death to San Francisco bay area pit bull-type dogs. We soon developed into a nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and shelters, offering desirable pets for adopters, training classes for dog owners, and presentations and professional consultations to animal welfare leaders around the country. Banner: ‘Sally’ is the girl who sparked it all. Read how she did it.

Website: https://badrap.org/


Our Snail Mail address
P.O. Box 27005
Oakland CA 94602-0005

Hello Bully Rescue

This nonprofit in Pittsburgh, PA is run by volunteers with the goal of rescuing and facilitating the adoption of American Pit Bull Terriers and especially dogs subjected to fighting. Formed in 2005, this small rescue has learned how to rehab dogs coming from traumatic situations. Once decompressed and healed these dogs are then put up for adoption.


Hello Bully began in 2005 as a rescue dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier, and specifically, survivors of dog fighting. What we have learned from Pit Bulls over the years has given us the skills and resources to help more dogs. We will always be a place for Pit Bulls to find rescue, love, and rehabilitation. In 2020, we opened our rescue to all breeds.

Hello Bully’s mission is to rescue and rehabilitate canine survivors of dogfighting, cruelty, neglect, and natural and man-made disasters; and to provide assistance to all companion animals of underserved communities with the goal of reducing overpopulation and preserving the human-animal bond.

Dogs at Hello Bully come to us with medical and/or behavioral needs. Our dogs all live in foster homes prior to searching for their forever families.

Hello Bully is a 501c3 non-salaried non-profit. We are registered with the IRS and the state of Pennsylvania.

Contact Info:

  • Website: HelloBully.org
  • Address: 4885-A McKnight Road #197 Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • Phone: 412-235-1997
  • Email: adopt@hellobully.com
  • Special Note: You can also check them out on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.
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