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Welcome to My World of Dogs and More

Hello! I’m Deanna, and if you’re here, chances are you share my love for animals, especially dogs. Whether you’re exploring the world of rescue dogs, seeking insights on dog raising, or just love animal stories, you’re in the right place. My journey with animals, especially dogs, has been rich and varied, blending my personal passion with a diverse professional background.

A Life Shaped by Canines and Careers

I grew up in Iowa, where my childhood was brightened by Skipper, our family dog. He was my confidant and listener, shaping my early storytelling skills. As I ventured through life, my career paths were as diverse as the dog breeds I’ve loved. From being a CPA in Arizona to studying theology in California, each phase brought new insights into life and animal care.

My time in seminary wasn’t just about theology; it was about understanding life’s deeper meanings, an insight that I found incredibly valuable in understanding and connecting with animals. Post-seminary, I navigated through various roles, from a chaplain to leading a non-profit organization supporting low-income families and the homeless. These experiences honed my organizational and management skills, which proved invaluable in caring for and rescuing animals.

The Chapter of Charlotte and Georgia

A brown and black dog looking grateful in their new home after 9 months at the shelter.

My current companions, Charlotte and Georgia, came into my life as a pair of energetic, medium-sized, Beagle-like rescue dogs. Their arrival marked a new chapter in my animal caregiving journey. Despite initially looking for just one new furry friend, I found myself adopting both, embracing the challenge and joy they brought into my life.

Lessons from a Lifelong Animal Lover

Over the years, I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as a “perfect dog.” Instead, it’s about the dogs you fall in love with and the journey you embark on together. Through trial and error, laughter, and learning, each dog has taught me something unique about life, love, and resilience.

My Mission

Through this platform, I aim to share these stories and insights, hoping they resonate with fellow animal lovers. From the heartwarming to the humorous, each post is a snippet of life seen through the eyes of a seasoned animal caregiver, an experienced professional, and a passionate storyteller.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here’s to many more tales of paws, tails, and life’s trails!

Warm regards,

Deanna (and, of course, Charlotte and Georgia)

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