Sweet tri-colored Beagle curled up and sleeping in one of his many beds.

How Many Beds Should Your Dog Have?

Last updated on December 26th, 2023 at 06:10 pm

Some people buy only one dog bed for sleeping purposes and assume the rest of the day a bed is not needed. Dogs will often curl up on a rug on the floor, on a soft pillow, or on the sofa if allowed. So maybe one bed is enough.

Yet, dog beds are used for more than just sleeping. Think of them as your dog’s furniture. People have furniture and/or beds in every room. So why not dogs?

So how many beds should your dog have? At a minimum, each dog you own should have his own bed for sleeping. And ideally, your dog should have a bed for each room or area of the home where he will hang out with you. Like furniture for people, dog beds come in a variety of sizes and types to fit every purpose.

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Why Dogs Need Their Own Beds and Furniture

In addition to having a bed for your dog in various locations, each bed may serve a different function. Keep in mind that dogs do sit up a lot, but mostly a dog will lay down when relaxing or hanging out. That is a much more comfortable position for him.

And, think about how hard that floor might feel after a while even if it is carpeted, especially for older dogs. If you are over 35 years old, you are probably beginning to notice how hard surfaces might be on your joints and back. The same is true for dogs.

You may allow your dog to sit on your sofa and easy chair (I am guilty), but it is still important for him to have his own special spot. Sharing is nice, but your dog needs to have a place to retreat to when the couch fills up with family or guests.

It’s also a lot easier to keep things clean and fresh. I try to find beds that have washable covers, that are easy to throw into the washing machine. Smaller beds without removable covers can also be thrown into the washer. See my post about How to Wash Your Dog’s Bed in 3 Easy Steps.

Beds for Sleeping

Brown and black dog in their new Sheri bed
Charlotte and Georgia settled for the night in one of their many beds. See this Best Friends by Shari bed at Chewy.

Each dog in your home should have their own bed. Having said that, my dogs sometimes like to snuggle up together in one bed when we all go to sleep. However, they tend to wander around and end up sleeping in a different place by morning, often with me! Be sure to see my humorous post, The Argument–Sleeping in the Doggie Bed or Mom’s Bed” for the whole story about our sleeping arrangements.

Also, if you wonder what your sweet pooch may be dreaming about at night, be sure to get your own copy of our free eBook, Dog Dreams to find out!

I usually buy two of everything for my dogs to be fair. Even so, I started out with one big oval bed for both, since they seemed to enjoy snuggling together. However, I noticed that each dog would jockey for the fluffiest spot in their bed each night. So, I bought a second bed–one for each of them. When the new bed arrived, they each took turns trying it out. But when bedtime came, they both dove into the same bed! Ugh! So, the second bed was moved into my office under my desk, since they love to hang out with me when I work.

Day Beds

A brown and back dogging each sleeping under the stairwell in their day beds
Sleeping under the stairwell like Harry Potter in their day beds.

Even though my dogs loved to cuddle together at night, they insisted on having their own day bed. The beds were perfectly positioned under the stairs at the end of the living room. It gave them a great vantage point to keep watch over the entire room, as well as a clear view of the backyard through the sliding glass door. This has been a perfect place for them to hang out when guests come over. They can take everything in and not get stepped on!

I think flat, rectangular day beds with lots of cushion are great. It does not inhibit them if they need to jump up quickly and chase a rabbit outside or run and lick up a fallen crumb on the kitchen floor. You can get a simple rectangular foam bed with a cover at Chewy or something a little more classy that looks more like a small sofa. Either one will make a great day bed and can accommodate small to large dogs.

Beds for Small Rooms

Brown and black dog in bolster bed under desk.
Hanging out in my study on a bolster bed.

If your dog hangs out with you in your study or hobby room, you may need a smaller bed. I find that bolster beds are ideal for small areas. They are also great beds if you have more than one dog and not a lot of room in your house.

These practical beds come in oval, round, and square styles. The square beds often have one side open for easy entry and are usually bigger and ideal for larger dogs. The oval and round beds are more cozy and great for small dogs. All of these styles have a rounded foam cushion on the perimeter, which gives them a nice pillow for their heads.

Outdoor Beds

Tan and black dog in their new backyardenjoying their yard on outdoor cots.
Getting some sun on the patio on raised cots.

If you and your dog hang out a lot together outside in the yard or on camping trips, then a raised cot is a must-have bed. It keeps your dog high and dry and provides comfort on hard surfaces. I have a large patio area in my backyard with a garden around the edge of the yard. Since there is no grass, my dogs have nothing to lay on except the hard cement. So, these raised cots offer a perfect solution. And they are handy if we go to the beach or other outings, and they can easily be thrown into the backseat of the car.

I have a K & H Elevated Outdoor Bed and I love it! It was easy to put together and is very sturdy, yet very lightweight. It has held up very well now for three seasons in both the sun and the rain. Although, I do store it in the garage in the winter to prolong the material.

In Summary

Remember, your dog needs furniture just like you do. Hard surfaces are hard on dogs’ joints, and dogs often like to be a bit elevated when they rest, just as we do. Each dog should have his own bed for sleeping, and ideally, a bed in each room or area where you hang out.

Dogs are loyal and they like to be where you are. So, be sure to provide them with a comfortable spot. Your dogs will appreciate it!

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