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How to Wash Your Dog’s Bed in 3 Easy Steps

Last updated on December 26th, 2023 at 06:16 pm

Does washing our dog’s bed seem like an overwhelming task? If you have a large dog and therefore a large bed, the size may seem like too much for your washer. Even a medium to small-sized bed can be a lot to stuff into your wash machine. You may even question whether or not the bed will hold up during a wash cycle.

Rest assured that there are good ways to keep Fido’s bed clean and fresh without destroying his bed or clogging up your washer. Some advance planning before you buy a bed will help, however, most dog beds can be washed fairly easily by removing the cover to launder, using a throw cover over the bed and wash the cover, or throwing the entire bed into the washing machine or a scrub bucket in the backyard. Keep reading to find out easy ways to keep Fido’s bed fresh.

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3 Steps to Wash and Keep Fido’s Bed Clean

First — vacuum and shake out the bed once or twice a week

Second — If the bed does not have a removable cover, use a throw cover and launder each week.

Third — wash the entire bed at least once a month in your wash machine or by hand in a large tub or go to the local laundromat and use their large machines.

Wash on the hottest temperature setting and be sure to use safe, scent-free detergents and hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. Dogs have sensitive noses and skin and need protection from toxins.

Dry the bed in the dryer but keep the temperature low. When the bed has dried some but is still damp, you can then air dry it outside, in the garage, or in the basement This will protect the bed from excessive temperatures (and possibly fire hazards) and prevent shrinkage.

Why it is So Important to Wash Fido’s Bed

Think about how often you wash your own bedding. Usually, after a week or so, most of us want clean sheets. Then think about how much dogs go outside and what they probably pick up on their feet and coats. And this is not to mention all the places they stick their nose and mouth while snooping around! A dog’s bed gets a lot dirtier a lot faster.

Dogs carry a lot of bacteria on their bodies, mouth, and feet. Even if you wash your dog frequently, they can still get pretty dirty in a short period of time. See my post How Often Should You Wash Your Dog? for more information about this.

Doggintonpost.com says that a dog’s bed is one of the germiest places in the home! Dog beds harbor all sorts of dangerous bacteria, dirt, and fecal matter. And don’t forget to wash your dog’s toys periodically, as well!

How Often Should a Bed be Washed?

The more you can wash your dog’s bed, the better. But try at least once a month. When you buy a bed, make sure it is either fully washable or it has a removable cover that can be thrown into the washing machine.

I have both types of beds. For the ones that do not have removable covers, I throw a doggie blanket on top so I can easily wash it every week. That helps to keep things clean until I can launder the whole bed. My preference is for beds that have removable covers which can easily be laundered.

I have found that washing an entire bed can be challenging due to its bulky size. It can be hard on the bed as well. After a while, the beds lose their shape and fluffiness when machine-washed a lot.

If you just don’t have the time to launder your dog’s bed frequently, then use throw covers and blankets, which you can wash easily. You can also give the bed a quick vacuum now and then.

Dog supplies and accessories--my mixed breed tan and black colored dogs lying on their day bed under the stairwell.
Day Beds with Removable Covers

Your Pup Will Appreciate it Too!

Have you ever wondered why your dog leaps on top of the clean load of laundry you are getting ready to fold? Dogs like to be clean too, just like us. Dogs never pee or poop in their own beds or sleeping area if they can avoid it. They like to stay clean and they spend a lot of time grooming themselves as best they can by licking away the dirt on their fur.

Your dog will be a lot healthier sleeping in a clean bed with clean blankets and covers. He will probably smell a lot better and enjoy his clean bed as much as you do!

And while you are at it, be sure to wash your dog’s other equipment as well such as dog bowls, collar, and leashes. I usually wash their bowls once a week in warm soapy water and sometimes just throw them in the dishwasher. These get germy as well. You can learn more about washing leashes and collars in my recent post by clicking here.

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