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Can a Beagle Be Raised in an Apartment?

Last updated on February 18th, 2023 at 06:02 pm

Beagles have been raised in homes, apartments, and on huge countryside estates for many years. This breed is very popular and much beloved by American families and in many other countries around the world. Beagles are friendly, fun, lovable, and great with kids. They are also excellent hunting hounds due to their strong sense of smell and instinct for hunting prey. Beagles love nothing more than to sniff and run!

Yet, you may wonder if you can raise a Beagle in an apartment, especially since renting apartments or buying condos seems to be a rising trend. Not everyone owns a home in the country where a Beagle can run with the wind.

Surprisingly, Beagles actually do quite well in an apartment setting. Most Beagles are on the smaller side, are compact, and don’t take up a lot of space. Beagles do require daily exercise, but they will also curl up and take long naps during the day. As long as they are not left alone for long hours and are given a chance to get out and sniff around on a walk each day, they can do quite well in an apartment.

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Why Beagles Can Generally Do Well in an Apartment

Beagles are considered small to medium-sized dogs weighing 20-30 pounds. Most Beagles pretty much come in two sizes — 13″ and 15″ according to the American Kennel Club. They are very compact dogs who do not take up a lot of space. They love to curl up and snuggle on your lap or under the sofa.

Because they are good-natured and friendly, they are not prone to aggressive barking or lashing out at passers-by. Even though energetic, they play well with others and are pretty happy-go-lucky dogs who just want to hang out with you. They are good with small children as long as no one is too rough with them.

I had a really sweet Beagle who never nipped or bit anyone until I took her over to my neighbor’s apartment one day and she tried to nip at a two-year-old. To my dog’s credit, the neighbor’s kid was pretty annoying, and my dog put up with a lot. This little girl kept hugging and squeezing my dog tightly and then decided to sit on her. My poor pooch finally had enough and dove underneath the sofa where she growled and tried to nip at the toddler when she came too close. Needless to say, we did not visit this neighbor again! But this is unusual and Beagles generally like being around small kids who play nicely with them.


Beagles are pretty easy to care for due to their short hair. However, they do shed a lot, especially in the spring. So, to keep your apartment tidy, you will need to brush them 2-3 times a week and be sure to vacuum and dust on a regular basis. Beagles should not be bathed too often as it will dry out their skin, but when they start to get a little stinky, they are pretty easy to plop in the bathtub for a good scrub.

You can feed your Beagle premium quality kibble, fresh, or canned dog food. But do not get into the habit of feeding your dog table scraps. Beagles are infamous garbage hounds who will eat anything. They are also smart and learn quickly how to forage for food on your countertops or dive into an open fridge to grab a bite. Human food for the most part is not that good for dogs anyway and Beagles can grow obese if their food intake is not monitored.

Most importantly, try to crate-train your Beagle. This will provide him with a secure little den and keep him out of trouble when you are away for a few hours.

Are Beagles too Loud for Apartments?

Beagle sitting on the grass howling
Beagle howling

Beagles are known to howl and bark, but mostly when chasing prey. They are usually not excessive barkers unless really stressed, and howling can be managed with some positive training. If you have adopted a rescued Beagle, this may be something you may have to work on if your dog is not fully decompressed or rehabilitated by a foster family or rescue organization.

And, like people, each Beagle will have his own personality. Some will be more hyper and others can be very mellow. A lot depends, however, on how they are treated and their lifestyle. If a Beagle feels secure, has companionship, and gets some exercise each day, he will usually be very content and much less vocal.

Many years ago I raised a Beagle puppy in an apartment. Fortunately, I was able to be home with her a lot as I was a student and only worked part-time. But I did not want her to bark or howl because I did not want to get kicked out of my apartment. I hadn’t quite gotten around to telling my landlord about my new family member, nor had I paid a pet deposit (not something I would recommend)!

I kept the drapes closed in the living room and every time she began to purse her lips and lift her head, I would gently shush her and lay my hand on her muzzle. Then I would distract her with a toy or a treat. This worked pretty well to keep her from barking and howling. Eventually, I had to let my landlord know and pay the fee. But thankfully the training worked. She never made a lot of noise, and we didn’t get kicked out!

Can Beagles Be Left Alone for 8 Hours?

Your Beagles will Need Potty Breaks and Companionship

If you work, you will probably need to leave your Beagle in your apartment. Beagles do not do well when left alone too much. They are very social dogs and love to be with other dogs or people. Being left on their own too much can result in destructive behavior or excessive howling as a result of their distress.

If you are only gone for 3-4 hours you can probably put her in her crate if she is crate-trained. But don’t leave her in it for longer periods as it is too cramped and will feel more like a jail than a nice den. You can probably keep her in a large bathroom or kitchen using a child gate for longer periods. Just don’t close the door as that will seem too confining. Make sure she has water and a comfy bed or cushion and plenty of toys. Beagles really like to chew so giving her a safe, alternative to rawhide chews from Amazon that are fully digestible would be great.

Potty Breaks

Additionally, 8 hours or more is pushing it for any dog, in my opinion. Dogs can hold their pee and poop for up to 12 hours if necessary, but it is probably very uncomfortable and really not fair to them. Think about how many times you run to the restroom throughout the day. A lot of dogs do not drink any water during the day until their owner comes homes, so they won’t have to pee.

But there is a solution if you have to work all day as many people do. If you have a small patio for your apartment with a sliding door, you can get an insertable PetSafe glass panel with a doggie door from Amazon or Chewy. I have used this Petsafe door a few times and it is a lifesaver. Pretty easy to install and the dogs love it!.

You can also get indoor grass or artificial turf potty pads. They are a dog’s version of a kitty litter box. Click the links to see these on Amazon. I have not actually tried them yet, but I am thinking of getting the artificial turf kit for cold rainy days and putting it under the overhang of my roof. My dogs hate to get wet! Also, be sure to see my post, Can I Adopt a Dog if I Am Working Full Time?


For companionship, consider a second dog or even a cat. Beagles can get along quite well with cats if socialized properly. Additionally, you can have a friend or neighbor drop by mid-day to play with your pup or take him for a short walk. You may even be able to pay a neighbor kid a few dollars to do this or hire a dog walker if you can afford it.

With my first Beagle, I rarely left for more than 3-4 hours at a time. I took her for at least two walks a day. But even so, she did not like being closed up in the bedroom with a child’s gate when she was a puppy. One day she literally tried to dig her way out of the room and ended up tearing up about 6 inches of carpet! I had to pay for the repair of course when we moved out. Fortunately, she eventually grew out of this stage and we could let her roam around the whole apartment.

My Experience

After college, when I worked full-time and commuted, I was able to get two Beagle sisters. They were great company for each other. But by this time we had purchased a house with a big grassy yard. So, we installed a doggie door and they could come and go and play as they pleased. This was much more ideal.

However, my first Beagle did pretty well in an apartment as long as she had two walks a day. Eventually, we could let her hang out in the whole apartment while we were gone. We also took all of our Beagles on a lot of adventures and I would sometimes jog with them. They also went hiking and sailing with us, so they had a pretty good life!

How Much Exercise Does a Beagle Need?

Beagles are able to spend a lot of time indoors and really enjoy their afternoon naps. However, Beagles are very energetic dogs and will need 1-2 walks each day. If you are a jogger or hiker and can take your Beagle with you, this would be ideal. But if you are not in a situation to take your Beagle out for a walk each day, then a Beagle may not be best for you if you live in an apartment unless you can make other arrangements.

When you take your Beagle out for a walk, allow time for your pooch to explore. Beagles are always on the scent and always have their nose on the ground! As a hunting hound, sniffing for a Beagle is similar to us scanning our phones. How many of us could go for more than a day without looking at our phones to check the news, emails, or social media? To read more about this, see my post, A Dog’s Newspaper for some humorous insights.

Final Thoughts

It is totally doable to raise a Beagle in an apartment. Check your lease to make sure you can have a pet and pay the pet deposit (unlike me) so you won’t get kicked out! The nice thing about Beagles is that they usually meet the maximum weight requirement for apartments and condos.

Just be prepared to do a little training and walk your Beagle each day to satisfy his need to exercise and explore. Get some help if you work full-time from a friend or dog walker. And find some indoor options for potty breaks if you don’t have a patio.

Spend as much time as you can with your Beagle who will want to be with you as much as possible. You and your Beagle can have a warm, cozy life together living in an apartment.

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